Online forms in schools saves money


Maged, an Education Technology company aims to save schools thousands by reducing their reliance on paper forms by offering a service to take their paper forms and turn them into secure online forms to send to parents.

Tens of millions of parents sign hundreds of millions of paper forms every year around the world on behalf of their children. In the UK alone, it is estimated that around 900 million paper forms are sent by the over 30000 Schools each year. Schools send around 30 paper forms per student per year, in a school with a thousand pupils that’s 30000 paper forms per year per school.

Sending paper forms is labour intensive, costly and unreliable. Schools print and photocopy tens of thousands of forms every day, this is a big cost to the environment and the school budget. It is also unreliable, students put them in their bags and parents may or may not eventually get them.

Maged, with over 40 years’ experience in Education, Finance and Technology consciously help to save schools thousands every year at a time when most UK schools face significant challenges to their budgets.

Offering schools a service to help them move paper forms online is a great way to help schools make savings whilst reducing down their administrative burden. Once the paper form is converted to an online form, a link to that is sent to parents by the school via their App, website, SMS text message, letter or email.

Parents click on that link and complete the form, the results of every form completed are sent to any school email address.

Stephen Clarke, Director of Maged “As a parent, I get lots of paper letters and forms from our school, which must be very costly for them at a time when budgets are tough. We are all used to completing forms online and signing for things electronically. Maged aims to help schools move to the same offering whilst saving them time and money.”

Further details on how schools can switch to sending online forms rather than paper forms can be found at

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