Webapp to guess the name of user’s future baby

The Namestork webapp.

Thenamestork.com is a baby names search tool that helps future parents discover name ideas based on their personal taste. The user first enters a few favorite names or the names of her or his children. Using these names, the recommendation engine learns the user’s taste in real time and generates a list of suggestions. A complementary list management widget makes it easy to keep the best names and share the final name list with friends and family in multiple formats.

“We designed the app to help parents find the perfect name without going through tedious and never-ending name lists,” say app developers. “A lot of parents already have a general idea about the ‘feeling’ of the name they’re looking for, but they still can’t find the one. The idea is to use a technological solution that will translate this general feeling into a list of names with the highest match potential.”

Thenamestork.com is one of a growing number of services implementing Collaborative Filtering. This technology allows for personalized search results based on user behavior patterns. Applications of this type optimize the way users discover items and increase the likelihood of a match. Thenamestork’s recommendation algorithm utilizes a dataset of 30,000+ names and years of user names preference data.

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