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Having problems remembering your iTunes backup password?

Forgot your password to your iTunes backup? If you fear you might have lost your old music collection, there is a new software that can help you out. ​​UUkeys is a software developing startup formed by a group of aspiring youngsters who have a passion for technology. They are known for finding out smart solutions for common problems pertaining to password recovery in Windows and iTunes.

Everyone faces challenges when it comes to remembering passwords. Since everything is digital now, all will have a bunch of passwords to remember and we often end up forgetting them.

Just like the password resetting software for Windows operating system, UUkeys has released password recovery software for encrypted iTunes backup, which they have named as UUkeys iTunes Backup Unlocker. The company claims that they can unlock the iTunes backup no matter how complex the password is.

UUkeys iTunes Backup Unlocker uses an advanced decoding technology to unlock the backup vault by detecting the files on the user’s computer automatically. Once the software locates the files, it will study and analyze the password structure to unlock the iTunes backup.

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