New PDF apps for Windows 10

New PDF apps released.

Soft Xpansion has published the new versions of its six PDF app retail editions for Windows 10 (Perfect PDF, Perfect PDF Annotate, Perfect PDF Converter, Perfect PDF Combine, Perfect PDF Security, Perfect PDF Signer). All new apps enable the users to open more than one document at a time, since each file is displayed in a separate window. Moreover, the apps now offer extended search functionality in PDF and XPs files, including the search in folders, subfolders and embedded documents.

Perfect PDF and Perfect PDF Annotate now come with the additional comment type redact annotations, which makes it possible to remove PDF content from files using the annotation tool. Apart from that, the new Perfect PDF app has functionality to create and edit table of contents, bookmarks and links. Last but not least, a PDF forms designer and editor completes the new features of Perfect PDF.

All new functionality has been exclusively implemented into the Windows 10 versions of the apps. On the other hand, the versions for Windows 8.1 are still available.

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