Technology Improves Bible Translation

The Bible.

The Bible is the most popular book in the world, but yet, the translation of it is lagging behind. Technology experts from all Bible translation organizations met last week at the 2016 Language Software Development (LSDev) Conference to share ideas and software assets.

What can be done to increase the velocity and quality of Bible translation? Questions like these was discussed in Dallas last week by a group of over 100 technologists from all major Bible Translation organizations. Attendees set aside organizational boundaries and collaboratively mapped out the current process, identifying the software, data, inputs/outputs, and participants, so they can create a more integrated solution that expedites the Bible translation process.

“The revolutionary impact of technology on speed, accuracy and distribution have driven increased interest and investment in technical solution initiatives,” said James Cunningham, Senior Director of IT at Wycliffe USA.

There are 7.000 languages in the World. There are 554 translations of the Bible, and 1.333 translations of the New Testament.

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