This is why MacOS is better than Windows


There is always a debate whether MacOS is better or Windows. Here are some reasons you will know why MacOS is better than Windows and why you should choose the former over the latter.

1. Hardware compatibility
Apple develops the hardware for its MacOS products. So that means the hardware is designed in order to be compatible with the MacOS. Whereas in case of Windows, hardware is produced by different brands and they use Windows so there may be performance issues in Windows. MacOS and its hardware is more optimized than Windows and the products that support it.

2. Software updates
MacOS and Windows release their updates at different times. The users have options to update to the latest software version. In MacOS, you will never experience any breaking issues or other problems. Your Mac will update smoothly. Whereas breaking products or software in Windows during updates is a common problem.

3. Better security
MacOS is undoubtedly the best OS for computers, laptops and desktop devices. Apple’s MacOS is really powerful, secure and safe when compared to Windows. It doesn’t cause lagging issues making your Mac slowdown. In Windows, you will experience lagging issues very often. The devices become sluggish and hard to work with at crucial moments.

4. Optimized apps/software
Another edge that MacOS got over Windows is that the apps and software in MacOS are more optimized, safer and more powerful. Apple allows apps through App Store whereas in Windows most of the apps are third party software. They have serious performance issues and slowdown your computers. You will get quality and high fast apps in MacOS as compared to Windows.

5. iOS compatibility
MacOS is really easy to use with any iOS device. It seems they have been created for each other. In the latest iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave, Apple has offered a feature that allows users to pick something from their phone and bring to the Mac. Working becomes pretty easier if you have Mac and iOS devices.

6. Better interface customization
The overall look and feel of MacOS interface is way better than Windows. You see Windows is the same old without any improvements in interface, icons and app customization. In MacOS, you get a lot of updates that make your interface customization better. The latest dark mode on Mojave is what people are really loving about MacOS and it has left Windows far behind.

7. Intuitive and easy to use
When you compare MacOS with Windows, it feels MacOS is more intuitive and easier to use than Windows. Its apps, icon size, compatibility, customization features, safety, security, regular updates and accessibility options make it the best OS for computers and laptops.

8. Backup your data
MacOS is compatible with iOS so you can store all of your data in one device. MacOS makes it easy for the users to create backups and store their data through iCloud. This is something Windows seriously lack. Many users prefer MacOS just because they can have backup of their data and devices.

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