What are dingbats and fontbats?

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icons symbols
Fontbats or dingbats?

Everybody uses fonts everyday, and we all use different types of fonts and symbols when communication online. There are many types of fonts, but there are two types of fonts that many people get confused about: font bats and dingbats. A dingbat is a ornament, character, or spacer used in typesetting, often used for creation of box frames.

The term is also used in the computer industry to describe fonts that are symbols or icons, often social network icons. Click here for examples of dingbats.

Fontbats however are actually letters and symbols the same time. Click here for examples of font bats. There are other explanations on the differences between dingbats and fontbats but the definitions above are the easiest to understand to anybody not working with fonts daily.

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