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Apple developers increased App Store ecosystem by 24 percent to $643 billion in 2020

Apple today announced that the App Store ecosystem facilitated $643 billion in billings and sales during 2020, a 24 percent year-over-year increase. An independent study by economists from the Analysis Group found…

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Andy Warhol

Rare digital Andy Warhol artwork sells as NFT for $870,000 at Christie’s

This morning, Revolver Gallery owner Ron Rivlin placed the winning bid for Warhol’s enigmatic Untitled (Self-Portrait), which the artist created in 1985 on the Amiga 1000 computer. The digital piece will…

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AI text editor First Draft improves the creative writing experience

Fiction writing fans will find a larger creative process inside the First Draft content generator with over a dozen tools designed to wake up the imagination and bolster creative thinking….

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Facebook’s WhatsApp sues Indian federal government

The Facebook-owned instant messaging application WhatsApp sued the Indian federal government on Wednesday to challenge newly passed regulations by New Delhi that would allow Indian security officials the right to trace people’s…

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New Finnish COVID-19 drug approved

Turku-based drug innovation company Therapeutica Borealis Oy has been granted a patent from The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its patent application for a COVID-19 drug. Earlier…

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Emotional AI-based technology to revolutionize social matchmaking

Switzerland-based start-up fortuite recently unveiled the development of its Emotional AI-based matchmaking technology with the filing of two patents in the United States. This technology has the potential to connect…

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Apple awards an additional $410 million from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to II-VI

Apple today announced a new $410 million award from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund for II-VI, a leading manufacturer of optical technology. Today’s award builds on an initial $390 million awarded…

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This is how electric boats will look like

Recently a happening marked a moment in history, as the first time a flying electric motorboat raced a flying sailing yacht. Both designs use hydrofoils that provide superior speed and…

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Biandapid releasing new song “Moving On” feat. Junes (VIDEO)

Balancing sophisticated electronica and catchy pop hooks, Swiss duo Biandapid are bound to make waves with their debut album later this year. As a first taste, Biandapid are releasing “Moving…

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Organ Mug new single “Intoned In The Distance” out now (VIDEO)

Organ Mug returns with the single «Intoned In The Distance», on which he plays with sounds from mechanical elements to build a poppier song that anything he’s ever done. Throughout…

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Taxis in Scandinavia and UK to accept crypto currency

HIPS Payment Group Ltd., a provider of innovative and cost-effective e-commerce and mobile payment solutions, and The Payment House, a Nordic, European and Global entity that is the leading payment…

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swimming pool

Three ways to ensure enough chlorine this swimming season

Following the recent shortage of chlorine tablets, Haviland Pool and Spa offers simple maintenance tips to save chlorine and extend the swimming pool season for all. “Diligent hygiene and easy…

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this is nuts

This is Nuts launching revolutionary Badass Bars

Ever since This is Nuts started, the company has been on the hunt for the perfect snacks, foods that were both delicious and healthy at the same time. Today, This…

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Bishop Tha DJ’s new single “Encore” out now (VIDEO)

Featuring orchestration by Miami producer Mydus, the track is an exploration of the choices we make and how the consequences from those choices impact everyone’s lives, even years later. Featuring…

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Best technology websites to be named by Web Marketing Association in 25th annual WebAward competition

The Web Marketing Association is looking for the best technology websites in the world as part of their 25th annual international WebAward Competition for Web site development at www.webaward.org. The WebAwards…

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Region in Finland specialises in promoting green electrification innovations

Green electrification, which refers to replacing energy generated using fossil fuels with electricity generated using renewable energy sources and using renewable energy in transport, work machines and various industrial sectors, is…

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Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways sponsors UEFA EURO 2021

Qatar Airways is proud to announce that it will join The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) as partner of the UEFA EURO 2020, with the national carrier of the…

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pornhub sfw

Pornhub sets standard for verification, moderation and detection

Pornhub recently announced a series of industry-leading safety and security policies that will set the standard for compliance programs in the technology and social media industries. These comprehensive measures for…

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The Economist on the Tesla of the Seas: “A new generation of electric motorboats take to the water”

In this week’s Science & Technology section, The Economist covers the revolutionary electric speedboat Candela Seven and it’s cutting-edge foiling technology. This is probably the first time a leisure boat manufacturer is…

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Ferrari is a cult – from now on also art!

Heiko Saxo – the car artist literally struck! From the original parts of a 250 GT 12 sculptures were created in Weert Netherlands. Another work of art rears up around…

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